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"Mayweather" style Mittwork for show? Or for Boxing Skills?

The first time people saw Floyd and Uncle Roger doing their dazzling display of pad work on HBO's 24/7 it was met with mixed emotions. Some saw it as awe inspiring, and proof that Mayweather Jr is the best fighter on the planet. Others saw it as Floyd just doing more of his showboating antics and that type of regiment had little to do with fight preparation. 

       The fact of the matter is that type of training Roger Mayweather has been doing long before the mainstream knew of Floyd Jr and with fighters the public will never hear about. Roger had developed a reaction patterned training sequence to mimick an actual boxing match. The full rountine involves pivoting, rolling, blocking, pulling, and of course counter punching. In essence it is designed to already have counters and defensive moves in grained into the fighters instincts so when they arise within the fight they will react without thinking. For example: Roger attempts to hit his fighter with a hook the body, the boxer will block the shot his elbow, counter with an uppercut/ hook/ cross combination. Pretty standard, pretty basic but the difference is Roger will throw something else with another pre-detiremined counter and the cycle will keep repeating. Roger may occasionally say, "roll", or "pull" etc.. Which just leads to another pattern.

        The training is great for fighters who already know the basics of boxing and how to punch properly. Where it lacks it that he doesn't necessarily teach full extention on punches or have you sit down and really turn into your shots. For beginners it may develop bad habits because they never learn how to punch through a target or throw a powerful punch.

         Say what you want to say about Uncle Roger but this type of revolutionary training is tremendous for world class boxers. Dont know how effective it would be for aggressive, brawling types but for the pure boxer/ counter puncher it's unmatched.

Verdict: Good Boxing training.


Boxing Tip: Always imagine an opponent infront of you whether you're hitting the bag, shadow boxing or working the mitts




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