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Boxing Fans and Critics tend to over react

       In boxing if you lose you're a bum, if you win impressively people will say you're the greatest of all time. Boxing fans and writers tend to over react to a fighters win or loss. Victor Ortiz was the butt of every boxing joke. He had a decent win over Andre Berto now people actually think he has a shot a beating Mayweather. Brandon Rios had a nice win against a better than average lightweight and now he's being mentioned as a potential Pacquiao opponent. Speaking of Pacquiao he put the fear of God into first ballot Hall of Famer Shane Mosely but because he didn't get the knockout people say he's slipping.

     The bottom line is boxing fans and writers get to high with the highs and to low with the lows. One fight can involve so many different variables, styles that it's often times takes more than just one fight to stick a label on a fighter


Boxing Tip: While working the mitts with your trainer always get full extention on your punches. Punch through your target.




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