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Tyson vs. Ali

The constant debate amongst  boxing fans is who wins, a prime Mike Tyson or a prime Muhammad Ali?

       As Henry Ford once said, "You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do". Many Tyson backers need to understand this. Pro Tyson fans always talk about what he would have done if he stayed with Kevin Rooney, Cus D'Amato stayed alive, no Don King, or no Robin Givens. Unfortunately in a debate "what ifs" hold little merit. The fact of the matter is Iron Mike lost almost every major fight he was in. Sure he beat Michael Spinks who was a blown up light heavyweight and a well past his prime Larry Holmes but when he faced legitimate world class heavyweights he failed miserably.

       Ali was in his prime prior to his 3 year layoff due to his refusal to enroll in the US milatary. That Ali/Cassius Clay was undefeated. Most people when they refer to a prime Tyson are talking about before he went to prison for rape. Even the "prime" Tyson lost to Buster Douglas who fought with a very similar style to Ali's. He even goes as far as micking Ali's famous glove up mouth wide open gesture after KOing Tyson.

      You've  got to understand Ali was bigger than Tyson, faster than him, and above all else more mentally tough. Tyson folded every time under stiff opposition whether inside of the ring or out. Ali would have mentally tormented him prior too and during the fight much like he did to Tyson's idol Sonny Liston.

       Tyson backers love to say once if Ali got hard hit by Mike it would be over. Are you kidding me? Ali took punches from some of the hardest hitters in boxing history, Earnie Shavers, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton and none of them could knock him out.

        I'm a huge fan of Mike Tyson but to hear people say he would've beaten Ali is absurd. People talk about these fantastic knockouts Tyson had early in his career much of which were against subpar competition. Sure Kimbo Slice also looked great knocking out bums in his back yard but much like Tyson as soon as he faced real compettion he was mediocre.

       Tyson would have a hard time catching and cutting off the ring versus the fleet footed Ali. Ali wins by late stoppage or easy UD.


Boxing Tip: Try to work different intervals on the heavy bag. Ex: 30 sec-speed/30 sec power/30 sec power &speed/ 30 sec 5 punch combos/ 30 sec stiff jabs/ 30 sec speed jabs etc....






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